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This blog aims to explore contemporary criticisms of and issues relating to, the Northern Territory Intervention/Invasion (officially called the N.T Emergency Response) and Government income management. More broadly, this blog seeks a better understanding of the experiences of Indigenous people who are affected by Government policies and actions, media representations and an ongoing history of colonisation.

As a non-Indigenous person who lives in Sydney, I recognise the privileged position I am in, in being able to search for, gather and present information on a situation I know next to nothing about. As such, my intention is not to present this website as a source of authority on the continual struggle for Aboriginal rights and recognition, but rather, to create a discussion around these topics in the hopes of learning much more.

In presenting stories, opinions and news I’ve heard of, through Indigenous and non-Indigenous sources, I would like to help in sharing the points of view of those who the mainstream media largely ignores, but I would also like to encourage other non-Indigenous Australians to learn more too.

If you have any suggestions, criticisms, feedback or submissions, please feel free to contact:

*The banner on this blog is a detail of the painting Big Yam Dreaming, By Emily Kame Kngwarreye 1995.


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